Fiesta Sicilia Resort Hotel

in Campofelice di Roccella, Sicily. 2016. Const. Sup. 30.000m2
Project for the renovation of the hotel facilities of the Fiesta Sicilia Resort in the tourist area of Campofelice di Roccella de Sicilia. The project is part of the dynamic transformation of old hotel facilities in search of the tourist excellence of the Palladium Hotel Group. All the buildings and outdoor spaces were completely refurbished. Based on the design of a Masterplan, a friendly landscape design is established, rich in contrasts of vegetation (autochthonous, ornamental, tropical, aromatic plants, etc.), topography (slopes, hillsides, platforms, etc.), spaces (network of paths, meetings points, swimming pools, pergolas, etc.) and pavements (mixed, soft, stone, synthetic wood, etc.).
The facades of buildings are transformed by superimposing light elements, such as pergolas or brises soleils, on the original exposed concrete. It enhances the character of the rooms as an external room, as well as softening and lightening the hard original character of the buildings.
The spatial fluidity, the visual transparency and the control of natural light compose the design of the interior spaces, to which is added a contemporary and sophisticated decoration and ambience, and with nods to the Mediterranean and historical context of Sicily.

TipologíaRenovation project of Hotel Fiesta Sicilia

LocalizaciónCampofelice di Roccella, Sicilia


Superficie30.000 m2

AutorLuis Quesada, David Calvo

Arquitectura contemporánea